Please read new rules before visit:

  1. There is one bathroom available for customers.
  2. It is required to come a few minutes earlier to minimise the possibility of having contact with other groups.
  3.  It is required to disinfect your hands when you enter and when you leave the club.
  4. It is required to maintain at least 2-metre distance from other people upon entering the club.
  5. A maximum of 15 people in a single group can visit our club, everyone should stay in the same room and avoid contact with other groups.
  6.  It is required to cover your mouth and nose, however the masks can be taken off during the game if you are on the track.
  7.  It is recommended to bring your own axes. Axes available in our club will be distributed by our staff after being disinfected.
  8.  Once the game is over, customers should leave the club as soon as possible.
  9.  Accompanying persons are not allowed to stay in the club. Customers are asked to stay within the specified area. Tightly sealed beverages and snacks are distributed by our staff; the bill will be settled at the end of your visit.
  10.  Please, book your visit via our website, Messenger, e-mail or by calling, in order to avoid gatherings at the reception.
  11. The time spent in our club may be shortened in order to disinfect the track.