BAD AXE Kraków Business League


Do you think your team can take on any challenge? Gather a group of at least 5 people from your company and join the
BAD AXE Kraków Business League!

The BAD AXE Kraków Business League is a great way to engage in unconventional competition with other companies.
Show them who’s best!

Business League

The BAD AXE Kraków Business League is divided into seasons,
each lasting exactly one quarter. After the end of each season,
the company with the best axe skills is selected as the victor.

The winning group from the business league will receive
a certificate confirming the achievement of the championship,
along with a commemorative axe and a voucher for free throws!

The BAD AXE Kraków Business League will spice up your
team-building event and make it full of emotions and unique!
Don’t wait any longer and book your track now!

Rules of the BAD AXE Kraków Business League

  1. Only companies distinguished by an NIP number may participate in the Business League. Companies agree to have their data processed in accordance with the regulations of BAD AXE Kraków.
  1. Throws within the Business League are made during the company’s visit to BAD AXE s.c. (at the address: Kraków, 10 Basztowa Street).
  1. A company wishing to participate in the Business League is obligated to inform an employee of BAD AXE s.c. thereof no later than 30 minutes after starting its visit.
  1. Each throw within the Business League is performed in the presence of an instructor from BAD AXE s.c., who awards points and records them.
  1. The participating company appoints a team of 5 people, who perform 4 consecutive throws with an axe prepared by BAD AXE s.c. at a target designated for this purpose.
  1. Throws are performed using any technique, provided at least one of the thrower’s feet remains on the floor behind the designated safety line.
  1. Throws are scored on the basis of where the axe blade has sunk into the wood. The highest-scored area the axe blade has hit is counted as the score for that throw.
  1. The scoring of areas is as follows:
  • Outer red line – 1 point;
  • Space between the red line and the black line – 2 points;
  • Black line – 3 points;
  • Space between the black line and the centre – 4 points;
  • Centre of the target (bullseye)- 5 points;
  1. A throw during which the axe fails to hit and stick in the target will result in the loss of 1 point from the team’s total.
  1. The team’s point total is updated on the ranking list on the last day of the week.
  1. Once every 3 months, the list is summarised and the company with the highest total score will receive a certificate of victory, a commemorative axe and a voucher for axe throwing for a group of 3-5 people.
  1. Each company may enter the League more than once, but only the highest score achieved counts towards the scoreboard for the season.