Is it safe to throw axes?
Yes! At the beginning of your visit, we will introduce you to the safety rules, the observance of which guarantees accident-free fun.

What are the rules for safe axe throwing?
When throwing, it is important to keep the right distance, which is marked by a line in each room. If the axe bounces off the target, we can then be sure that it will not cause any harm. You also need to be mindful that no one is standing directly behind you, and of course that no one is on the throwing line.

What are the age requirements?
Persons over the age of 16 may throw axes. Minors require the presence and written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Is axe throwing difficult and does it require a high level of physical fitness?
Axe throwing is a relatively easy activity. The most important thing is technique, not strength, so you can have fun with us, regardless of your physical fitness, age, gender, height, etc. Our team is able to train each person so that everyone can have fun during the visit and compete in three types of games.

Are there special packages for corporate groups at BAD AXE?
You can buy a special tournament, the prize of which is a special commemorative axe. If you challenge a competitor or another branch of your company to a competition, we can organise such a tournament at no extra charge. For details of the offer, please contact badaxe@badaxe.pl.

Are there limits to the number of participants per session?
Each of our lanes accommodates up to 5 people. We have a total of 6 tracks in our venue, so a group of up to 30 people can throw axes comfortably. 

Does BAD AXE offer tournaments and competitions?
Yes, the rules of the games are presented to each group to make the visit even more fun. In addition, it is possible to buy a Tournament led by our instructor, where the prize is a commemorative decorated axe.

Will we be provided with suitable equipment?
Yes,  2 axes per track are lent completely free of charge. If you have your own axes, you can also use them!

Are there student discounts at BAD AXE?
Yes, on Sundays and Mondays, the group receives a 30% discount on the presentation of valid student cards. The condition is that each participant has to have a valid student card.

Is BAD AXE a good place for a date?
Of course, our club is a good place for an unforgettable date. In addition, every Monday you will receive a 50% discount on a group of two using the code “DATE”.

Is there a limit to the number of throws per session?
No. A standard visit lasts 85 minutes and the number of throws in that time is solely dependent on your strength. If you have enough energy, the visit can also be extended to 115 minutes.

Do we serve English-speaking groups?
We serve groups from abroad almost on a daily basis. Therefore, every person on our team is prepared to provide training in both Polish and English.

How often do we replace the targets?
Our targets are replaced when they are worn out. On average, one lasts 1-2 weeks.

How often do we sharpen the axes?
We sharpen our axes so that they penetrate the wood without any problems. For safety reasons, however, we try not to make them so sharp that it is easy to hurt yourself when using them.

Do we offer food and drink?
We sell soft drinks, non-alcoholic beers and snacks. We also have catering available – contact us for details of the offer. If you would like to bring your own snacks, drinks or even order something – there is no problem with that either.